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  Ozone multipurpose sterilizer

  Ozone water washing machine

  Car air purifier

  ozone purifier -Remote Control for home

  OZ series ozone  generator

  SOZ series strong    ozone generator

  Integrated ozone - oxygen generator

  PSA oxygen generator

  High concentration ozone water generator

  SOZ-HSAquaculture sterilizing - oxygen feeding equipment

  Wall hung type air sterilizer

  perpendicularity type air sterilizer

  L series small ozone generator

  Dispenser quick sterilizer

  The newest product -- Ozone water strong mixer

  AOW series automatic air dryer

  ADW series no heat regenerating PSA air dryer

  Other components equipments



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       Guangzhou Ozone Technology  Co,.Ltd ,which was founded in 1996 is a profession international company of the research and exploitation of ozone techniques, and the design,producing and serving system of ozone. It has dedicated to the industrializationand the technological innovation all along. It has abundance of experience in the area of the Drinking Water Treatment, Sewage Disposal and Re-use treatment, the antisepsis and sterilization of cosmetic container, the antisepsis and sterilization of aquaculture, poultry cultural industries, the antisepsis and sterilization of the water in the swimming pool, sterile workshop, the antisepsis   and sterilization of the Pharmaceutical factory and the food processing factory,
GMP attestation, the storage of food and fresh keeping, pesticide’s decomposing and the sewage treatment( such as the hospital, food factory, plating factory,etc and the sewage treatment of the cities) and the industrial effluent treatment.
      We combined with the demand of the market, make ozone techniques as our core,keep improving so as to satisfy the clients. We dedicate to the explosion and the application of the environmental technologies as the ozone technology.
      We have got some series of the products which are in the highest flight in the  state, the ozone equipments are in the competitive position in both the state  and abroad with its advanced technologies, industrialization and its size of cost

     The LTBNP-OZONE served the clients both domestic and abroad wholeheartedly by providing them the high grade and high quality products, all of these are based on the concept of the enterprise, “top-quality, pure-hearted management”, and  we always stick on the develop tenet of our enterprise which is “creative, quality, service, and efficiency”.

   GZLAITER BNP OZONE, an absolute guarantee to sterilize!

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